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How are your products Triple Test Certified?

All of our products must pass a strict Triple Test Certification process that guarantees the highest quality product and only the purest ingredients in every bottle.  This rigorous 3 step process is supervised by a staff of Ph.D.s. constantly monitoring for quality.  From raw materials entering the manufacturing facility through testing dosage potency and capsule disintegration, we ensure product quality and consistency in every bottle of our products.

Step #1 Microbiology Laboratory:  before our product is made it begins as high quality raw materials purchased from only the best suppliers from around the globe. The raw materials are delivered to our manufacturing facility and are tested for purity in accordance with USP29.

Step #2 Chemical Analysis Laboratory:  after raw materials are perfectly combined and mixed into our special product formulation (but before putting into capsule form), the formulation is then tested to ensure potency of formula components using ICP, FG/AA, HPLC, and FT-NIR.

Step #3 Physical Analysis Laboratory:  upon completion of our product it is sent to the Physical Analysis Laboratory to be physically inspected and analyzed to ensure dosage weight, hardness, disintegration, and overall appearance before being bottled and getting recognized as "Triple Test Certified" by our company.

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