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The unsubscribe link does not work and I am getting several emails per day! Please help!

If you are receiving multiple emails per day, then they are NOT being sent by our company... but we NEED YOUR HELP to stop it.

Illegitimate people or companies (pretending to be us) will send multiple emails per day AND/OR the unsubscribe links in their emails will not let you unsubscribe (they just won't work).

This is NOT our company sending those emails. 

Our unsubscribe links ALWAYS function properly and allow you to unsubscribe from our mailing list.

We take this VERY seriously, especially if someone is pretending to be our company OR sending unwanted emails. These are both VERY troublesome.

This is why we need your help!  

We need to identify who this person or company is that is sending unwanted emails.

PLEASE send us the illegitimate email that you received so we can investigate who the company or person is and we will contact them directly.

Please submit a help ticket by clicking on "Start a conversation" at the top of this page and tell us that you are receiving multiple unwanted emails that won't let you unsubscribe.  

Please include the entire unwanted email message that you received by COPYING and PASTING the offending email into your help ticket.  

Please include the ENTIRE message with unsubscribe links and all.

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