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Cancel or pause recurring billing.

If you are enrolled in our automatic home delivery plan, then the home delivery plan will automatically ship out a new bottle to you every month for our guaranteed lowest price and charge your credit card. This is clearly stated on our website at the time of ordering. 

If your deliveries are coming too quickly and your bottles are accumulating before you can use them, then you may want to delay your next shipment. You can delay your next shipment by any number of days that you need to catch up. Sometimes customers get behind and need to delay their next shipment several months. This also is a way to guarantee that you will continue to receive the low price you pay on auto ship.

To delay, pause, or cancel your recurring billing, submit a help ticket by clicking on "Start a conversation" at the top of this page. Be sure to include your customer details like your full name and phone number. Let us know how long you would like to delay your next shipment.

If you need to cancel, then we also appreciate it if you tell us why you are canceling. This helps us improve our program for future customers.

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